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How to find the perfect shower for you

How to find the perfect shower for you

Choosing a shower system is one of the most important decisions when refitting or refreshing your bathroom. With so many styles and configurations to choose from, it can be hard to see through the fog and find ‘the one.’ We’ve tried to do some of the leg work for you, and gathered together our best tips to help you find the right shower for you.

Find your functionality

As you set out on this quest for a new shower, you must first decide on what you want your shower to actually do. Single, Dual and Triple function refer to how many water outlets are part of the shower set, and are an easy way to decide on how you want your shower to operate. Single function showers usually have a singular shower handset, attached to the wall by a shower rail which allows you to adjust the showers height. Dual function adds an overhead power shower head to this, enhancing your showering options. Lastly, triple function allows for the addition of a bath filler, all operated from one sleek unit as opposed to having a separate deck mounted bath filler.

Spirit concealed dual function shower water on lifestyle

Straightforward Showering

It’s the dreaded moment - you’re staying at your friend’s house and decide to hop in the shower, only to be faced by something that you swear must have been pulled from the cockpit of an alien spaceship… Take the stress out of showering by opting for a super simple valve option. Concealed showers provide a streamlined appearance, with your temperature and flow controls all kept in one place. Whilst push button showers allow you to ‘set and forget’ your preferred temperature and flow, meaning that shower heaven is literally the push of a button away!

Safety First

Now, showering is all fun and games, until you hear the painful shriek as one of your family members being hit with a blast of freezing cold water. Never fear though, as there are some smart solutions available to you to help avoid painful shower experiences! For example, thermostatic shower valves help to automatically balance water temperature, stopping the water from suddenly turning freezing cold or scalding hot. Plus, cool touch showers ensure that the exposed metal of the shower does not become too hot when water is running through it, helping to avoid accidental burns. Just like thermostatic showers, they are perfect for family bathrooms to ensure everyone has a safe experience.

Joy Push Button Adjustable Riser Rail Detail

The finishing touch…

Now that we’ve got all the technical elements out of the way, it’s (finally!) time for the fun part. Showers are available in a wide range of metallic finishes, but our favourites at the moment are an ultra-modern matt black, luxurious brass or clean and classic chrome. The finish you choose really depends on the look and feel you want for your space. If you’re unsure what to go for, try matching your shower finish to other metal elements in your bathroom like your tap, mirror frame or even furniture handles.

Define your style

Speaking of look and feel, the physical design of your shower can influence this too. Do you want something that feels sleek and modern, or a room that feels a little more cosy and traditional? Whichever it is, there are endless styles to choose from to match your taste. Black showers are a great option to make any space feel instantly contemporary whilst exposed showers can help create a modern country look.