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Fitted Bathrooms

Fitted bathroom furniture helps to create a unified look in your bathroom as well as maximising on available storage space. Our range of fresh contemporary finishes and choice of worktop and basin options offer the flexibility to create the perfect solution to suit your bathroom style. It’s very straightforward to design and plan your new bathroom – simply follow our step by step guide and use the following few pages for inspiration.


hide hide hide

Hide is available in three contemporary finishes, ranging from classic gloss white, to deep and moody midnight grey, to fresh and contemporary nordic green.

Available hide finishes:

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stow stow stow stow stow

Available in either nordic green, fossil, stone grey natural white or midnight grey, these muted tones complement the elegant shaker design and deliver timeless styling.

Available stow finishes:

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muse muse muse muse muse muse

Available in five modern finishes, gloss white, stone grey, midnight grey, fossil and dark blue.

Available muse finishes:

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Why choose fitted bathroom furniture?

A fitted bathroom is an attractive and practical solution for any home. Completely customisable, fitted bathrooms allow you to create a suite unique to you while also offering a great degree of practicality and efficiency. With a fitted bathroom, you can make the most of your space, as the furniture is designed to fit the exact dimensions of your bathroom. This enables you to enjoy maximum storage space, as well as a great range of options for style and design.



With both slim and standard-depth furniture available, fitted bathroom furniture is a great option for small or narrow bathrooms. Equally, make the most of an attic or loft bathroom by designing your bathroom furniture to suit your unique bathroom layout.



With a wide range of options such as cabinetry, shelving, and drawers, fitted bathrooms allow you to customize a bathroom storage solution for your specific needs. If you have a smaller bathroom, it can be helpful to consider fitted bathroom storage solutions such as wall-mounted shelves or corner shelves, which maximise the storage space available.



From your furniture finish to your choice of knobs and handles, our wide range of fitted bathroom styles and sizes allow you to completely customise the look of your bathroom furniture without the cost of a bespoke bathroom. With both traditional and modern fitted bathrooms to choose from.


Make an appointment with one of our experienced retailers who can help with all aspects of your bathroom renovation.

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Our guide to fitted furniture

R2 fitted furniture will create a unified look in your bathroom as well as maximise the available space to give you lots of storage. Follow our step-by-step guide to ordering your R2 fitted furniture.

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Stow natural white std run basin BTW Front Cover
Muse midnight grey top down lifestyle