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5 Small Bathroom Solutions to Help You Maximise Your Space

Does your Pinterest search history read similar to ‘simple small bathroom ideas’, ‘small modern bathroom ideas’, ‘small ensuite bathroom ideas’, ‘budget small bathroom ideas’, ‘small bathroom designs’? Does your tiny bathroom have you searching on Rightmove or Zoopla? Look no further.

While big bathrooms are something that many of us dream of having in our homes, unfortunately they aren't always the reality. However, with our small bathroom solutions, you’ll make your small bathroom appear bigger without compromising on style.

1. Small bathroom furniture

When it comes to small bathroom furniture, ditch the bulky cabinets in favour of a cabinet which is sleek and slimmer in depth. Our Alto range offers slim depth basin units which are perfectly proportioned and are the ideal choice for those looking to make a statement in their small bathrooms. Whether you prefer neutral bathroom furniture such as white and grey or you want to add a pop of colour using pink or blue, our Alto units have you covered. Furthermore, the small bathroom cabinets are also available as both wall mounted or standalone, offering you even more possibilities to maximise the space available.

Alto dark blue lifestyle door open lifestyle

Alternatively, our Halcyon multifunctional units are a great space saver by offering a 3-in-1 solution to your small bathroom storage problem. This unit acts as your basin, WC and storage, removing the clutter often caused by multiple units.

2. Accessories and fittings are key

If you’re battling with a small bathroom, a mirror will answer your prayers. Adding a mirror to a small bathroom will help reflect natural light in the room, and therefore, will create the illusion of space. After all, the lighter and brighter the better. For more information on our mirrors, view our full range here.

While you may not think they have a role to play, fittings such as radiators can make a significant difference to your bathroom. When choosing your small bathroom radiator, we’d recommend one that’s suitable for wall-mounting to free up as much floor space as possible. When designing a small bathroom, think vertical. Vertical radiators will not only fit in narrow spaces, but they’ll also create the illusion of height and will therefore, make your bathroom feel bigger.

3. Tiles are your best friend

A clever tip for making your small bathroom appear bigger is to use the same tiles on the floors as the walls. This trick works best with large tiles, sometimes known as slab tiles, as the large tiles create a striking look. Not only do the larger scale tiles act as a feature, they’ll also add continuity to the space. However, if you don’t like the idea of using the same tiles on the floor and walls, there are other options, such as using tiles on the floor alone.

Platform 700mm willow freestanding unit lifestyle 2

4. Choose paint wisely

Paint is another handy tool you can use to make a smaller bathroom appear bigger. Similarly to tiles, using the same shade of paint on all areas, including tiles and woodwork can create flow around the room. The tone of paint can also change the feel of the room. If your bathroom is south-facing, opt for cooler undertones, whereas if your bathroom is north-facing, warmer undertones will work better.

Muse dark blue furniture with Pill mirror lifestyle

If a bath isn’t a must-have in your bathroom, there are also simple but important tricks you can apply to your shower. Shower enclosures now come in an array of sizes, from corner cubicles to walk-in. Regardless of which one you choose, select one with a low shower tray and a glass panel. These stop the room from feeling separated and make it feel bigger. A wet room is another great idea for small bathrooms, however, are more costly to install.

5. Small bathroom suites

When people think of small bathroom suites, they often think they have to forgo a bath. While this might be the case in very small bathrooms, it’s not a one-size fits all rule. Depending on the space available, installing an over-bath shower will offer a 2-in-1 solution. Or, if you have the space for both, there are now roll-top baths to fit even the smallest of bathrooms. The Tubby Tub from Albion Bath Co. is a favourite in the world of interior design as it proves that you don’t have to choose between size and luxury. If you’re searching for something similar, a simple Google search for ‘bathroom suites for small bathrooms’ should unlock a range of suitable options.

If your Pinterest search history includes ‘very small bathroom ideas’, such as for an ensuite or cloakroom, our Mini range is the one for you. Perfect for a small, modern bathroom or if you’re decorating a small attic bathroom with a sloped ceiling, the Mini range is the perfect blend of contemporary and practical. For a small bathroom sink, you can choose between either the Mini 550 basin and pedestal or the Mini semi-countertop basin. For inspiration on how the Mini range can work in a small bathroom layout, keep scrolling.

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