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Make a statement with a modern monochrome bathroom

Matte black brassware has been a growing trend for some time, with its ability to make any bathroom feel stylish and modern. However, it can feel a little daunting thinking about how to incorporate such statement pieces into your bathroom. Here are our 7 tips on how to get the look with ease.

1. It’s all about the shower

Marine, our matte black shower system, creates the perfect starting point for your monochrome bathroom. All black shower fixtures make this not only stylish, but a practical piece of brassware.

Marine Black Shower with water lifestyle

2. Tiles that make a statement

A white geometric tile never goes out of style. Define the lines with black grout to give your tiles a modern edge, whilst at the same time creating coordination with your black brassware and accessories. Or to add a touch of drama, opt for all black tiles which give a dark and moody atmosphere.

Love Renovate 9 Beautiful Modern Bathroom Ideas

Alastair Reader

R2 Brassware Product Designer

“Monochrome bathrooms benefit from their simplicity, which gives a fresh and highly functional look. Our new matte black brassware ranges are no exception – designed with strong lines and simplicity in mind, their versatility means they work with a wide range of interior styles. The added contrast of matte black brassware not only looks great against bright, white ceramic but also complements more natural wood and marble finishes too, meaning they look just as good in a rustic setting as they do in an ultra-modern bathroom.”

4. No more boring flooring

Create texture and interest with your flooring by adding an effortless jute rug. Choose a black pattern to tie in with your monochromatic scheme, or opt for a simpler design to create a moment of softness.

Boho bathroom

5. Don’t forget the mirror!

Our Nouveau mirrors are the perfect match for your monochromatic space, featuring a slim, stylish black frame. Nouveau also boasts a wide range of modern features including touch sensor technology and heated demister pad to keep your mirror steam free at all times. Available in both rectangular and circular shapes.

Nouveau Mirror Lifestyle

6. Let’s talk accessories

Whether you’re after a sleek, modern look or a more industrial style, it is easy to define it with the right accessories. Opt for black marble finishes and subtle wall art to create that luxe feel, or go for black metal accessories with wood accents for something a little more industrial.

7. When in doubt, customise!

Lastly, to create complete cohesion why not fit out your furniture with modern black handles.

Both our Platform and Alto ranges offer black handles options, as well as our Washington and Stockton handles within our fitted furniture range.

Feeling inspired? Why not take a closer look at the matte black items we have on offer. Complete your look right down to coordinating flush plates, seat caps and overflow covers.