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The Complete Guide to Bathroom Furniture

The Complete Guide to Bathroom Furniture

You’re finally doing it. You’ve finally decided to take that ‘my dream bathroom’ Pinterest board and make it a reality. But before you take the plunge into tile patterns and toothbrush holders, you must first decide on the most important part of any new bathroom, the furniture.

Choosing your bathroom furniture is key to creating your dream space. It provides a sink (obviously), all important storage, as well as being a chance to introduce a splash of colour if you so wish.
We’ve created a handy guide to helping you choose the right furniture unit for you.

Measure first and all that…

Before embarking into the wonderful world of bathroom furniture, we need to get the boring bit of the way, measuring. Measuring the width of your space is, of course, key to finding the right unit to size for your room. However, measuring the height and depth are also important factors as you need to consider how the furniture will interact with the space around it. Is there a door that could swing too close if the unit is too deep? Is there a slanted ceiling that could crash into a taller piece of furniture? All of these factors will influence how you choose your bathroom furniture unit. And so with your measurements at the ready, let us begin!

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The freedom of freestanding

Let’s start simple with freestanding furniture. These classic units provide ample storage space, and come in a huge range of sizes, as well as different drawer or door combinations to suit your needs. And, as the name suggests, the freestanding design of these furniture units make them easy to install and fit in around your existing bathroom suite. We also love to pair freestanding furniture with a coordinating WC furniture unit. This creates a more cohesive look throughout your space and helps make the WC feel a little less out of place. A WC unit also provides a sweet little shelf, perfect for extra storage of a bit of styling

Wall hung with pride

In contrast, wall hung furniture offers a more minimal and effortless look for your bathroom. Wall hung units are ideal for tighter spaces or loft rooms as they can be placed at any height to accommodate the room’s architecture and the space you have available.

Plus, with the furniture lifted off the ground, this provides more floor space and helps a room feel more spacious. If using wall mounted bathroom furniture in a small space, make sure you measure to ensure that the drawers or doors will have enough clearance from any nearby walls, doors or WCs.

Fitted for you

British bathrooms are known for their small size, being typically cramped into odd corners of the home. This can make it much harder to find a bathroom furniture unit that just fits. Bring on fitted bathroom furniture. This fully customisable type of furniture allows you to create something completely bespoke and perfectly fit, not matter your space. Plus, fitted furniture allows you to define every detail to get the exact look your want for your bathroom, perfect if you’ve been struggling to find something that feels ‘just right’.

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the final touch

From ultra-modern to classic designs, a matt black finish to sleek chrome - tailor your bathroom to you with a selection of brassware.

Take a look at some of our options below

What about my tiny toilet?

When it comes to cloakrooms, it can once again be difficult to find the perfect fit. But if you choose a unit explicitly designed for that smallest of rooms, it’ll be a breeze. Cloakroom furniture units are specifically designed to have a narrower basin and profile, keeping them from feeling oversized in a small space, ideal for fitting into those tight corners. They are perfect to pair with a space saving mini basin mixer, helping to keep things in proportion to the size of the room.