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Our five key tile trends for 2023

Our five key tile trends for 2023

One of the essential ways to create a bathroom you are truly proud of is through your choice of tiles. Bathroom tiles can sometimes feel like an afterthought, but we think they are one of the most impactful (and surprisingly easy) ways to give your bathroom some real personality. We’ve compiled together five of our most exciting bathroom tile trends to inspire you to finally turn that sad old bathroom around.

When in doubt, slab!

One of the simplest yet most effective tile trends at the moment is the use of slab tiles. These large marble tiles (or natural stone tiles) are perfect for creating a luxurious and relaxing space, reminiscent of your favourite hotel. Their large format makes them super easy to lay whilst still giving a high-end effect, and we think they make great shower tiles as there is less grout to get in between and clean (always a plus!).

Bejewel your bathroom

If subtle isn’t your bag, go all out with stunning jewel tone tiles. Soft, seaside blues & greens have long been a bathroom staple, but now it’s time to go bold using sapphire and emerald tiles for a more unique and contemporary look. We think subway tiles are a great choice to achieve this, as their classic shape is easy to work with and is not competing with the powerful jewel tones. Alternatively, you could combine our previous tips about marble slab tiles with a more unique colour to give the look and feel of a cut gemstone, just like these jade tiles below.

RR Shower Brochure Front Cover Shot copy

Have a break…

Finger tiles, also known as ‘Kit Kat’ tiles, are a long, thin tile reminiscent of the popular chocolate bar (hence the nickname). These tiles are super versatile as they can be placed either horizontal or vertically, and come in a wide range of colours. We’re seeing them most used in subtle greys and whites to effortlessly tie into the Japandi trend, with the vertical tiles creating the look of bamboo.

Textures are everything

Another type of tile we are seeing a lot these days is Zellige tiles. These heavily textured tiles have a glossy, porcelain surface with a rough, artisan finish to give a hand-made look and feel. We think they make the perfect bathroom tile as they come in many colours and patterns, and their simple square shape makes them super easy to fit. For something more rustic, terracotta tiles are another great way to bring texture into your space, and give an atmosphere reminiscent of hot summers spent by the pool.

Mix & Maximalist

If you really want to make a statement in your cloakroom or bathroom (and leave you guests thinking ‘wow!’) then the mix and match tile trend could be for you. The trend of maximalist interior design is something we’ve seen on the rise for some time, and we think the bathroom is a perfect place to experiment and have a little fun. For a full proof way to get the maximalist bathroom look, simply pair together your favourite colourful tile (we’re fond of Moroccan inspired mosaic tiles) along with a more subtle tile in a complementary colour.