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How to create a blue bathroom at home

Once considered a dated trend in the world of interior design, blue bathrooms have made a comeback and are one of the key trends going into next year.

Whether you’re looking to re-create a serene, peaceful environment or a bold and dramatic bathroom, blue is the best colour you can choose for your bathroom decor. It’s not just aesthetically pleasing, there are also psychological benefits to introducing blue into your bathroom as according to colour psychology, blue helps you feel relaxed and calm, and therefore, can create a space that is tranquil and inspiring.

Does this sound like the perfect trend for your bathroom? Here are just some of our favourite blue bathroom ideas for you to try at home…

1. Blue bathroom paint

One of the easiest ways to add a splash of blue to your bathroom is with blue bathroom paint. However, there are hundreds of different shades available. To help choose the right shade of blue, there are key things to take into consideration which can help make your decision easier.

Firstly, which direction does your bathroom face? If it’s north facing, a warm blue will complement your bathroom. Whereas, if your bathroom gets a lot of sun and natural light, you could select a cooler shade.

Another factor to take into account is the size of your bathroom. If your bathroom is small, we’d recommend you choose a paler shade of blue to help the smaller space appear larger. On the other hand, if your bathroom is large, you can afford to choose a bolder and deeper shade, such as a navy.

The final and most important factor is your style. While space and direction play key roles in the decision, the bathroom is likely to be one of the first and last rooms you visit in the day and so you have to make sure you like it. For example, if you’re trying to recreate a country cottage feel in your home, pair pale blue paint with sage green and taupe for the perfect combination.

Alternatively, if you’re a lover of luxurious hotels and spas, you may want to opt for a dark blue bathroom paint. Nothing screams luxury like a navy blue bathroom with brass accessories. Or, if you want something bright and fun, pairing bold blue paint with Terrazzo tiles will keep things playful yet sophisticated.

Regardless of which shade you choose, you can have as much or as little of it as you wish. Some choose to paint all walls in one colour, while others may choose to only paint one of the walls or half-wall panelling.

Fairview Showers

Create a refreshing focal point in your bathroom by introducing pops of blue colour on shower walls or as a backsplash.

Fairview concealed dual function shower lifestyle

2. Blue Bathroom Tiles

Another popular way of adding blue to your bathroom is with blue bathroom tiles. One of our favourite ways to use this trend is in a technique called ‘tile zoning’.

Tile zoning is when you choose a zone of your bathroom to tile, for example, in your shower, and make this space a feature in your bathroom. By using blue bathroom wall tiles like this, your bathroom won’t feel too blue, but will instead create a focal point, especially when set against a chrome shower system, such as our Fuse collection. If a shower enclosure feels like too big an area, you can use tiles for your sink splashback which will still add impact, especially to smaller bathrooms.

You’re also not limited to just your walls, you can now find gorgeous blue bathroom floor tiles. If you really want your floor to pop, you can choose all blue tiles, however, there are also tiles that subtly introduce a hint of blue to your bathroom, such as these Henley tiles from Topps Tiles. These, paired with navy blue bathroom accessories, would be perfect for a traditional finish.

Regardless of where you choose to use your tiles, gone are the days where metro tiles are your only option. Tiles are now available in a plethora of options - herringbone, fan, picket - so you can experiment with various blue bathroom tile designs to show off your personality.

3. Blue Bathroom Furniture

If you’re not in a position to completely revamp your bathroom, blue bathroom furniture is for you. Selecting some key pieces of blue furniture is perhaps one of the easiest ways to tap into this trend and make a statement.

We have a variety of blue bathroom cabinets available, all of which are available in our signature dark blue shade. Our bestselling Contour range includes a selection of blue bathroom vanity units (freestanding or wall-hung) all of which are compatible with our Contour basins for a stylish blue and white bathroom. Alternatively, our Alto range is a sleek alternative to our Contour range but is available in the same eye-catching blue.

Our team recommends pairing our blue furniture with either black or silver brassware, such as our Serve and Act brassware.

If blue bathroom furniture isn’t for you, we also have a range of furniture available in a dark grey which works well with almost any colour.

Contour storage unit 2

Blue furniture

Selecting some key pieces of blue furniture is perhaps one of the easiest ways to tap into this trend and make a statement.

Type 600mm dark blue 3 drawer unit drawer face onn with Serve BM and Serenity CC lifestyle 2 cropped
Muse dark blue fitted furniture with semi countertop basins lifestyle

Our team recommends pairing our blue bathroom furniture with either black or silver brassware, such as our Serve and Act brassware.

4. Blue Bathroom Accessories

You don’t need to spend loads of money to create an impact. By injecting blue bathroom accessories, such as towels, bathmats, soap dispensers and wall art, you can breathe new life into your bathroom. Dunelm’s range of striped ceramic accessories are the ideal choice for a nautical-themed bathroom, or if you prefer something classic, these reeded accessories from John Lewis are beautiful. Our extensive selection of mirrors, cabinets and storage options are also available in both dark blue and blue-grey colours, making incorporating this of-the-moment trend even more simple.

Whether you prefer a dramatic navy bathroom or a modern blue bathroom, we have an extensive range of bathroom furniture available. Find your local stockist here to visit our lovely team in-store.