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How to choose the perfect bathroom mirror

The modern bathroom is one of the hardest working rooms in the house – it’s high traffic, humid and hectic, so buying a bathroom mirror specifically designed to withstand these things seems like an obvious choice. But sometimes choosing the right mirror to fit your bathroom can seem like a list of limitless options. Let us do the work for you and demystify the world of bathroom mirrors with our guide to picking the right one.

Framed Mirror Lifestyle Light Grey

Whether you opt for a simple illuminated mirror, a traditional option or something a little more of-the-moment, a mirror can dramatically update your bathroom space.

500 platform mirror landscape lifestyle

Size Matters

Measuring for your mirror

Of course, the first step is to measure. Take a measuring tape to the wall you are planning to mount your mirror to see what kind of space you have to work with. As a general rule your bathroom mirror should be no wider than the sink or vanity unit below it, so keep this in mind when deciding on your size. Do you have a double basin vanity? A large, wide mirror will easily fill the space. Or if you’ve got a little less room, a slim depth mirror will fit into your narrow bathroom with ease.

Arc round mirror Lifestyle
Arc Pill mirror straight on Lifestyle

Our Arc range of modern mirrors are a versatile choice, offering stylish oval, circular and pill shapes. These touch sensor mirrors work great not just in the bathroom, but in hallways or above dressing tables too.


Take Shape

Bathroom mirror shapes & styles

The shape of mirror you choose is also an important step as this can really change the style of your bathroom. A classic rectangle with angular lines is great for industrial settings, whilst smoother shapes like a pill or oval bring in softness with a contemporary edge. If you’re unsure about which shape will look best, simply draw a template of each style and use masking tape to place it in situ. This makes it easy to compare shapes and see how each one would look.

In the Frame

Framed or colour-matched bathroom mirrors

Why not bring a little colour into your space by choosing one of our modern framed mirrors? Many of our bathroom mirrors feature a colour matched frame to coordinate with your bathroom furniture, allowing you to create a completely cohesive bathroom scheme. Likewise, our collection of framed traditional bathroom mirrors pair well with our more heritage inspired furniture collections, perfect for the period home.

Misty No More

Anti-fog mirrors

The bathroom is always subject to a lot of water and steam getting everywhere. Don’t you hate it when your mirror fogs up after a shower? An anti-steam mirror is the ideal solution. Heated demister pads gently warm the mirror from inside, keeping pesky steam at bay. Available in almost all of our mirrors and cabinets.

Let There be Light

Illuminated bathroom mirrors

An illuminated mirror is a stylish and practical option to help light up your daily routine. While an LED mirror is the perfect way to brighten your space, what about when you want to wind down and relax? Set the mood with colour changing mirror technology. This intuitive feature allows you to change the hue and brightness of your mirror with a simple touch or wave of the hand, giving you perfect ambience with ease. Plus, all our illuminated mirrors are IPP4 rated, allowing you to use them safely for years to come.

Fine Mirror Lifestyle
Fine Mirror Warm light Detail
Fine Mirror on off sensor detail

Illuminated Mirrors

The mainstay of our mirrors collection, our illuminated bathroom mirrors provide ample lighting and ambience.


Music to Your Ears

Mirrors with music

Fancy yourself a bathroom baritone? Bluetooth enabled mirrors mean you can play your music with ease. Simply connect your phone via Bluetooth to your mirror and let the built-in speakers do the rest. Perfect for sleepy mornings when you need an energy boost.