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7 tips to make small bathrooms look bigger

7 tips to make small bathrooms look bigger

The British bathroom is known for being small. But how do you create more space where it feels like there is none? Here are 7 of our handy tips to help make the most of your small bathroom and create a space you can be proud of.

1. Ambience is key

There’s nothing worse than entering a bathroom and feeling like you’re in a tiny, unloved space. Bring in some home comforts with a soothing scented candle, airy curtains that let in plenty of light or even a small stool or pouffe to add a touch of luxury.

2. Bring in a little life

Try to expand your space by adding some styling touches, such as plants and greenery, they are a great way to bring life to a tired space. Go for varying heights and sizes to make tight corners and ceilings feel less enclosed and more purposeful and refreshing.

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Our Guide to Choosing & Styling Bathroom Plants Image 6

3. Get smart with storage

Storage is, of course, key to helping a small bathroom not only look better, but function better too. Above the toilet is one of the most neglected and underused spaces in the bathroom. Create great space for both storage and décor by adding shelves above. If you’ve got a little more wall space, why not opt for a stylish mirrored wall cabinet or one of our smart storage columns?

4. Mirrors to make a statement

We all know mirrors can make a space feel bigger, but don’t fall into thinking bigger is better. An illuminated mirror creates a great balance, expanding your space whilst at the same time making it feel brighter and more modern. Or if you’re lacking in natural light, our Fine mirrors offer colour changing technology to perfectly simulate that morning glow.

5. Furniture that fits

Small bathroom furniture is all about optimising and maximising your space, and wall hung units are a great way to achieve this. By lifting the vanity unit onto the wall, it widens your floor space making the room feel more spacious. Our new Alto wall hung units are the perfect solution for this, available in a wide range of colours to suit your taste. Alternatively, our Contour collection offers three types of wall hung basin, making it easy to find your perfect fit.

Type 500mm wall mounted 1 drawer unit with Serenity BTW lifestyle
Alto Optional Black Handle

6. paint the town

Often in small spaces we go for white walls to make the room brighter, but sometimes this can leave you with a space that feels boring and stark. Instead, opt for an on trend pastel colour to really make a moment of your bathroom, whilst still keeping it light and bright. Pair with Alto in Dusky Pink or Willow to create a fun, monochromatic moment.

7. when in doubt wallpaper

A large scale wallpaper is the perfect match for small bathrooms, as it broadens and amplifies the space. Try oversized florals or large geometrics to expand your space. If you have an ensuite, why not try a wallpaper to coordinate with your bedroom.

Small bathroom wallpaper half bath
WOW Worthy Bathroom Wallpaper Ideas

Imagery sourced from R2 bathroom products and Pinterest