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5 quick and easy bathroom updates

A kitchen might be considered the heart of the home, but the bathroom isn’t a room that should be neglected. After all, it’s one of the busiest rooms in the house. And while bathrooms need to be as practical as possible, that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish.

However, due to the permanent nature of a bathroom’s fixtures and fittings, they are one of the most difficult and expensive rooms to update. As the average cost for a full bathroom remodel sits at approximately £6500 to £7000, a complete redesign isn’t always possible for many people. So, whether you’re looking to update a bathroom in a rental property, or you’re searching for a quick fix for your current bathroom, here are 5 easy ways you can give your bathroom a new lease of life.

Declutter with bathroom storage

From family bathrooms to en-suites, bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in the house and can easily end up cluttered. If your bathroom clutter is a constant source of annoyance, bathroom storage can help solve your problem.

By adding clever storage solutions, such as vanity units and baskets, you’ll not only streamline your clutter, but create a pinterest-worthy bathroom that will have your guests green with envy.

If you’re looking for furniture to fit your modern bathroom idea, our Type and Plan ranges are the epitome of a modern bathroom. On the other hand, for smaller bathroom designs, our Drive bathroom furniture will help declutter even the smallest of bathrooms.

Platform 700mm willow freestanding unit lifestyle 2

We design our furniture with plenty of accessible storage space, making bathroom clutter a thing of the past.

Halcyon 600mm natural white LIFESTYLE
Platform midnight grey 700mm wallmounted drawer open lifestyle 2

Not sure where to start?

Our retailers can help with all elements of your design, be it a complete bathroom transformation or a quick yet impactful update.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

A mirror, while small, can have a mighty impact on your bathroom. From helping to make smaller bathrooms appear larger, to offering hidden storage for your products, the right mirror can make a huge difference. To add a modern feel, backlit mirrors or illuminated mirrors are a contemporary yet practical solution.

Our extensive range of bathroom mirrors are perfect for a bathroom refresh and come in various shapes and sizes to suit your needs. If you’re short on storage, our mirrored bathroom cabinets will solve your problems. For a family bathroom, our Avant cabinets are a great option as they provide enough storage for everyone’s products. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a steam-free cabinet, we’d recommend our Parallel and Freedom ranges.

Parallel Double Door Cabinet Lifestyle
Parallel Cabinet Infrared Detail

A mirror or mirrored cabinet offers an instant interior update, while also being multi-functional.


Give your taps a twist

Brassware can set the tone of your bathroom and nothing says bathroom upgrade needed like outdated brassware or boring fixtures. Updating your taps doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg either and can be done in as little as an hour.

Our Regatta brassware will help update traditional, classic bathrooms and are available in a range of taps, bath shower mixer and shower systems. However, for those who are searching for something more contemporary and sleek, why not browse our bestselling Act and Serve brassware collections?

Take a look at our R2 brassware brochure here!
Act Black Basin Mixer Water off Lifestyle TR1072

Replacing outdated or boring fixtures is an inexpensive way of refreshing your bathroom without investing in a complete overhaul.

Fairview basin mixer side lifestyle with water v01

A lick of paint

Paint is one of the most impactful ways to update your bathroom. The best part; depending on the size of your bathroom, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune, making it a significantly cheaper alternative to a full bathroom refit.

Whether you want something light and fresh, such as a light grey or blush, or something bold and dramatic, a fresh coat of paint can completely change the feel of your bathroom. However, the key thing here is preparation and materials. By taking the time to clean the walls and investing in high-quality bathroom paint, you’ll minimise the room for error, saving the need to repeat the job in months to come.

Remember, paint isn’t limited to your walls; you can also paint bathroom tiles. It’s worth bearing in mind that while possible, painting bathroom tiles requires more effort than walls and is harder to get right. If you’re not 100% confident, why not test a small area to begin with, such as a sink splashback?

Marine Black Shower with water lifestyle
Type 600mm stone grey 3 drawer unit drawer BTW and Serenity BTW WC lifestyle

A coat of a new colour or the addition of a few on-trend accessories can easily lift the look of your bathroom.

Accessorise your bathroom

Bathroom accessories are perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to achieve a quick update. Bath mats, toilet roll holders, toilet brushes, artwork, towels - the list is endless, but can all help make your bathroom makeover a success.

Bathroom artwork is often overlooked but is an easy way to inject some life and personality into the room. Due to the nature of your bathroom, we’d recommend you use relatively inexpensive prints on the walls to avoid any water/damp damage. For affordable yet beautiful prints, try websites such as Etsy, Desenio and Junique.

Are you short on wall space? Perhaps you’re not allowed to hang prints on the walls? Don’t panic! Traditional bathroom accessories also work well to pack a punch in your bathroom.

Updating simple things like your toilet roll holder, towel rail, toilet brush and soap dispenser can change the feel of your bathroom and give it that well-needed refresh without breaking the bank. Roper Rhodes offers a fantastic selection of unique and timeless bathroom accessories, such as their Pace and Host ranges.