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  • Regatta Bath Shower Mixer

  • £196.50

  • TR1058
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    Shower flow regulator - 6 litres/min Shower flow regulator - 6 litres/minFR01 £7.90
    Shower flow regulator - 8 litres/min Shower flow regulator - 8 litres/minFR02 £7.90
    Shower flow regulator - 10 litres/min Shower flow regulator - 10 litres/minFR03 £7.90
    Total: £196.50
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The Regatta bath shower mixer has traditional yet contemporary styling your modern R2 bathroom.

This chrome quarter turn tap gives accurate flow control designed for use with two hole baths and features ceramic disc technology. The shower mixer is supplied with a coordinaing shower head to complement the styling.

Manufactured in a closely controlled environment with extensive quality control tests means R2 offers a 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

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