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  • Flight Bath Shower Mixer

  • £227.50

  • TR1055
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    Shower flow regulator - 6 litres/min Shower flow regulator - 6 litres/minFR01 £8.40
    Shower flow regulator - 8 litres/min Shower flow regulator - 8 litres/minFR02 £8.40
    Shower flow regulator - 10 litres/min Shower flow regulator - 10 litres/minFR03 £8.40
    Total: £227.50
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The Flight bath shower mixer is a contemporary design with angular yet softened edges. A design statement for your bathroom.

This chrome lever action tap is designed for use with two tap hole baths and features ceramic disc technology. The shower mixer is supplied with a square shower head.

Manufactured in a closely controlled environment with extensive quality control tests means R2 offers a 10 year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

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